Thursday, February 14, 2013

What to do about depression and sadness

What to do about depression is a question many people deal with each day. This is a debilitating illness that can take much of life's joy. There are millions of people worldwide who suffer with the devastating pain and sadness that comes with the illness, studies show that the numbers of people who are living depressed are increasing. What to do about depression is one of the most important questions you can ask if you are living with the condition.

The condition that can stop your life

When left untreated being depressed can stop you from living, the daily sadness can effect your social and work life. There are many who find it hard to go to work, they do not have the drive our energy to continue. The feeling is often one of hopelessness and despair but the situation is not hopeless. Clinical depression is a very serious condition that can change the brain. Brain imaging shows that the depressed brain is not the same as a person who is not clinically depressed. What to so about depression is a very important question, the answer is that the illness should not be left untreated. Medications are what the majority of people resort to when depressed, this can be a good thing, there are millions who could not make it with their medications.

There are also side effects that come with anti depressants and this also must be dealt with. The anti depressants side effects can range from heavy weight gain to suicidal tendencies. It is important to realize that pills should not be the last resort, you may remain on medications but you can still go beyond pills to a fuller life. When the healing begins from the inside you will go beyond medications to a higher level of healing. What to do about depression? Go beyond medications and heal.  


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