Friday, November 14, 2014

Depression overeating: The secret to winning the battle

“I am overeating with heavy depression”, this is the latest email that we received from a woman who is battling a very depressed mood. It is crucial to understand how food works in connection to our mental health, what we eat can literally affect how our body and mind works. It is clear that depression is increasing worldwide, and overeating is creating a vicious cycle. The brain has a very tricky relationship when it comes to our food.


Depressed mood and foods


When a person is depressed the body usually responses by triggering a response to eat, this is actually a good thing at first. The brain’s call to eat (particularly fatty and sugary) food is because foods release “feel good hormones”, these hormones are released in order to stop a depressed mood. Eating is a pleasure and the brain hormones which are released calm and soothe our emotions, it is no wonder that women are known to crave chocolate when feeling depressed. The fact that foods make us feel emotionally better is why depression and overeating are linked, the unfortunate thing is that this creates a vicious cycle of needing to eat to fell better.


Will power does not stop appetite, no matter how hard you try to eat less you will actually end up eating more. The brain is a very powerful organ and the hormones which are released to improve the mood are highly desirable to the body, forget will power to stop eating. Depression is often related to hormone imbalances and this is why food is such an important part of healing the emotional imbalance.  


The good news


The way to win the battle over depression overeating is to use a diet which allows you to eat and deactivate the brain triggers for food at the same time. This is what has worked for thousands of people; you eat, enjoy and stop the brain from craving more foods.




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