Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Abused and Suicidal: The Cry of a New Generation

Abused and suicidal, this is the situation that so many people find themselves in, the numbers of people who are suffering from Post traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) due to an abuse is astronomical, researchers show that abuses are one of the major factors in developing future clinical depression. Sadly, for those who have suffered abuses being abused and suicidal go hand and hand.

The far reaching effects of abuse

The abuses from childhood carry into adulthood often manifesting itself as clinical depression, anger and even suicide thought, many are never the same again. The numbers of people suffering maltreatment are increasing according to health records.

According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services statistics for 2006, approximately 905,000 U.S. children were found to have been maltreated that year, with 16% of them reported as physically abused (the remainder having suffered sexual abuse or neglect.

In other studies, it's been noted that approximately 14-43% of children have experienced at least one traumatic abusive event prior to adulthood.

Those who are abused and suicidal must understand that the brain has been changed from the PTSD,this can manifest itself as mental illness in adults

Researchers at a major University found that Post traumatic stress from abuses changed the brain's white matter, this is extremely alarming when we think of a young child’s growing brain, these changes can lead to various mental disorders

"We found that adolescents with maltreatment history who had disrupted white matter tracts during the initial recruitment were more likely to develop depressive and addictive disorders," said Huang of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre's Advanced Imaging Research Centre.

We can see how the abused can easily end up as suicidal adults, all child abuses must be met with the stronger punishment of the law, it is on par with murder due to the lifetime effects on the young brain. We repeat the abuser should be treated as a murder under the law with a similar sentencing.

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