Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am Depressed with suicidal thoughts in college, a serious warning

“I am depressed in college” The numbers of students in University and suicidal are booming, this is a very serious situation that must be addressed quickly to save lives. According to a recent study a whooping 50% of college students admitted that they were suffering from a very deep depression and thinking of suicide. University years are portrayed as all fun and parties in the movies but this is not the reality, people are suffering. “I am Depressed” is a common compliant from college students and suicidal thoughts are real threat.

Half of University students thinking of suicide

In a powerful and very large study by National Research Consortium of Counseling Centers in Higher Education based at the UT-Austin. involving over 25,000 students it was revealed that a shocking 50% had truly contemplated suicide, the reasons were almost always rooted in stresses that were very overwhelming. What is even more shocking is that almost 1/3 had seriously thought of or had actually made an attempt to end their lives. One of the more revealing facts of this trend were that few parents or good friends knew how depressed the students were. “I am depressed” is a situation many are living with in college.

The person suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts are right next to us but we do no see them, we are missing out on helping those in need.

"Most people in university environments don't really appreciate how much suicidality students engage in. They only see the high-profile examples, but they don't see the everyday anguish students are going though," says UT psychologist David Drum, lead author of the research

Depression is increasing worldwide, we are seeing a full epidemic of people who are living in a very stressed state of mind. The movie and TV gives us a view of University life which is not based on truth, University life is stressful, filled with many bad decisions and stresses. There are over 30 million in the USA living daily on antidepressants.

The stress and depressed feeling is from an emptiness. Researchers in Europe have been helping people reverse depression drug free, fill back up” and heal inside, this is depression healing that goes beyond medications, it is read in over 10 countries. It is used by both those who decide to stay on medications and those who choose to live antidepressant free


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