Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can you reverse depression? What you need to know

Can you reverse depression was the latest comment we received from a 17 year old girl who has lived with a major depressive mental condition over the last 2 years. The rise in mental illness in children,teens and adults was documented by the NHS in England. The uses of psychiatric medications have increased by 300% in the last 20 years. Can you reverse depression is become a very common question. We are seeing an alarming increase the numbers of people who are living with a depressive condition.

The emotional breakdown

In a world increasingly filled with technology and medical advances there is still a major problem on the inside, there is a growing dissatisfaction in the lives of many people. The numbers of people suffering from mental illness is increasing. According to Professor Mark Ellenbogen, of Concordia University, Montreal, said: "Major depressions have become one of the most pressing health issues in both developing and developed countries." He states that the stresses in our modern world is a major contributor. Can you reverse depression? Is a question asked by many.

The increase in anti depressants

There are more than 30 million people in the United States on anti depressants and this is an incredible number of people. Pills are necessary from millions and many could not function without their medications. It is not the only road to healing, while there are millions who need pills there are some who have treated the illness drug free. A healing researcher from Denmark has shown that many who are asking can I reverse depression can in fact do. It is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults.  See Here Depression without medication


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