Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I feel numb on anti depressant: What to do about this

I feel numb on anti depressants is what one of our many readers wrote today, feeling numbness on the drugs is one of the unfortunate side effects of medications. Medications for depression are necessary for millions of people worldwide, it is the way many of us make it through our day. Depression has been rising worldwide, it is the most common mental illness, seeking the best way to treat the condition is the dilemma that many find themselves in.  “ I feel numb on anti depressants” it is becoming a very common phrase for millions.

The incredible rise in depression worldwide

In Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States there has been a dramatic rise in the numbers of people suffering from clinical depression, one of the most startling statistics shows that it is children who are fast becoming afflicted with mental illness. The situation is very alarming in the UK, 1 in 10 youngsters aged between 5 and 16,suffered a clinically diagnosable mental health problem such as depression. The situation is getting worst in the UK and USA, the prescribing of anti depressants to children has become more common as mental health workers seek a solution to the growing problem. “I feel numb on antidepressants” numbness is one of the side effects of drugs for a depressed mental condition, the pills help you get through the day but can numb the emotions..

Going beyond drugs

It is crucial that those who take their medications learn to go beyond the drugs, we do not advocate stopping medications, this is something that must be discussed with your doctor. There is a movement to take charge of depression and not rely on the medication alone. The “I feel numb feeling" on antidepressants does not mean stop them but go beyond the medication. There is a new technique that has been helping many people in an amazing way. It is a new approach discovered by a filmmaker that has been having great success with depression thoughts, it involves no doctors, and no therapy, actually the depressed person heals alone. You are filled back up, replacing what is missing and what is causing the depression. You heal yourself alone and this depression self help is very effective. It is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults.  See Here Depression without medication


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