Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is it depression? Why men are often mistreated

Is it really depression? One of the main reasons men are often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed with the illness is due to the fact that we in society as well as the mental health field live with stereotypes.. The doctor who is treating the patient may also bring in their own prejudices, this is actually quite normal, doctors are not immune from society, they are just as influenced by stereotypes as in any other field. Are we missing the signs? Is it depression? When it comes to gender we may be miss the signs.

Anger or Depressed?

Men who are suffering from clinical depression are often advised to attend management classes, the reason for this is because men who are depressed may exhibit fits of anger. This anger could range from irritability, sensitivity to criticism, or a loss of your sense of humor to road rage, a short temper, or even violence. Some men become abusive, controlling, verbally or physically abusive to wives, children, or other loved ones. Addressing depression is not to down play anger management, many of these men need classes to learn how to handle the anger but often the diagnoses of being “depressed” is missed. There is never an excuse to live with a violent person, they may need help but you must be careful not put yourself at risk. Is it depression? This is a question that must be asked.

Many men find depression to be a female's illness, to admit to being depressed may not seem manly. Many males are also not comfortable taking pills or getting in touch with deep issues that are causing their depressed mental state. There are many males who suffer but are unable or are unwilling to get help, males may be more comfortable treating anger than admitting to being depressed. The usual course of action for depression is anti depressant drugs, this can be of great help but many are not content to live on these medications. These issues must be discussed with your doctor. Regardless of the course you choose it is important that a depressed condition be treated

Is it depression? Many are choosing to handle depression on their own and in private See here


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