Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living with Depression can trigger a heart attack

One of the most under reported statistic shows that living with depression can trigger a heart attack. There is a very strong connection between the heart and your mental health. Some believe that it is actually the anti depressants which cause coronary troubles, this may be true but regardless of the pills living with depression can trigger a heart attack. If you are depressed there are physical ailments that can manifest. It is important to treat a depressive condition.

How the heart is effected

A study performed by Dr. Curt D. Furberg of Wake Forest University found that in 4,500 elderly participants with no history of heart disease, those who showed signs of depression had a 40 percent higher risk of developing coronary disease. The exact reason for the effect is not clear but there are millions who live depressed lives and are not receiving any type of treatment, it is extremely important to treat this condition. The largest increases in people depressed according to health officials are middle aged woman, senior citizens and young children. The reasons for the increase vary but the crisis is growing, living with depression is a growing problem for many people.

More heart troubles

A separate study in Baltimore, Maryland., found that depressed people of all ages are four times more likely to have a heart attack over the next 14 years following the study. This is very scary statistics and it makes it very clear that those who do live depressed most get treated. Doctors believe the rise in heart troubles after been depressed stem from people feeling slowed down but still have high levels of stress hormones and his can increase the work load on the heart. As high levels of stress hormones are signaling “stress”, the body's metabolism is diverted away from the type of tissue repair needed in heart disease.

There are millions of people who have a hard time making it through the day, they are living with depression and it is is ruining lives. It is important to get treatment for a clinically depressed condition, do not go another day living with depression.

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