Sunday, April 14, 2013

Abused and Depressed

Those who have been abused and are living depressed should know that they are not alone, there uncountable numbers of people who have had their lives destroyed due to people who misused their confidence. Often these abusers are people who we are “or were” very close to you, it is particularly damaging when it is a person such as a family member, priest,doctor or counselor. Feeling abused and depressed are feelings that often go together.

Depression and PTSD

A traumatic experience at the hands of another can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), this is the root cause of the depression, childhood or even adult maltreatment(abuses) have a direct link to future depression according to researchers at Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Researchers studied the effects of post traumatic events such as physical,sexual,or verbal abuses in and the conclusion was that these events can predict stresses and depression in adulthood.

CMM was directly predictive of decreased social support and increased stress in adulthood. CMM was also directly predictive of PTSD symptoms.

Those who are abused and depressed must realize that these events leave a lasting and even lifetime effect on you, this is not to say that healing cannot occur, those who have been victims at the hands of others and are clinical in a state of depression are often prescribed antidepressants to help the survivor manage their mood.

Beyond antidepressants

Medications can help a person manage to function in their daily lives but it is not a “happy pill”. The inner pain from surviving abuse is not healed with medications, the drugs may be necessary and useful but pills should not be the last step in the healing process. It is imperative to go beyond medications and get inner healing. If you were abused and depressed, the “down” feeling is from an emptiness that survivors often experience, a technique to “fill back up” and heal inside has helped take depression healing beyond medications, it is read in over 10 countries. It is used by both those who decide to stay on medications and those who choose to live antidepressant free


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